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At Tophipico the stables all have individual paddocks.These are next door to each other so horses can have contact with their neighbours.

Due to the good weather, our horses tend to spend a lot of time outside in their paddocks enjoying the sunshine.
This also means that all horses have plenty to look at. This helps to keep your horse entertained and he won't feel bored.
Horses still have the opportunity to retire into their individual boxes for some peace and quiet.

The stables are under a tall roof allowing free air circulation. This is great for hot weather.

All our horses enjoy the extra moving space that the paddocks provide. The feeling of living outside but having a cosy corner to retire makes our horses very comfortable and relaxed. They all seem very happy with their living arrangements.

For some special cases, like stallions or injured horses etc., we also have two solid brick stables. These have large barred windows to provide a good view and plenty of light.